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James Crompton

James looking thinner

This is my personal web site, featuring various subjects whose only common denominator is that they are or were of interest to me. For some years now, I've been doing more at Everything2 than here. But I won't tell you my user name in case some of the things I've written there put you off your dinner.

If you are looking for a conference interpreter, you want my professional home page. (Also available in German: berufliche Startseite).

Here there is a brief biography, in case you were wondering which James Crompton this is. There is also a very small selection of pictures from some recent holidays.

I don’t have a blog. You can find it under ‘unBlog.’ I particularly recommend the blackbirds and the fascinating documentation of the Great Toilet Seat Swap.

The list of Seldom Asked Questions is growing, if slowly.

Under the informative heading ‘Stuff’ are a few bits and pieces with no discernible relationship to each other or anything else, concerning the philosophy of science, spelling reform, and how I built my sauna.

For the technically-inclined there are a couple of code utilities to mark up computer code and generate pretty source code listings. Such people may also be interested in my rather unusual (and now deceased) Internet server or my small and phantasmagorically outdated collection of samples and tests of web-coding techniques.

The site is intended to conform to the W3C "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0", level Double-A. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything and it doesn’t.