Sauna stove

On the left is a wooden bench with a wooden bucket on it. On top of the bucket is a wooden ladle. In the center is the corner of a room with a sauna stove on the wall. On the left is the bottome corner of a doorway. At the level of the bench, fairly down down on the stove and about 3 centimetres in front of the it, there is a horizontal piece of wood reaching from the bench to the wall by the door. Where this meets the bench, there is a vertical piece of wood reaching up about forty centimetres to above the level of the topof the stove. A horizontal piece of wood reaches from this to the wall near the door, rather further away from the stove than the lower one. In the other direction it extends a few centimetres above the bench and a thicker piece of wood (the same as the bench is made of) is set on it, reaching horizontally to the other wall. Together, the one vertical and three horizontal and pieces of wood form a cage around the stove. The thicker piece looks like it might be comfortable as a footrest.