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Our House

Our house Tony’s tree house

We live in a wooden house designed by the Berlin architects Dorst & Klober. There is more about it (in German) on their site

The outside walls and the sauna walls are made with the Lignotrend wooden block panel construction system.

Some of the inside walls are made of clay/adobe/unfired bricks/whatever you want to call them. They are quite massive, and hold a lot of heat. So they help to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They also regulate the humidity by absorbing and giving off moisture, and absorb smells. I found out about modern clay construction while interpreting at a conference on the subject.

Next to the bathroom I built a sauna.

In the garden we (Jan the brother-in-law from the building trade and me) built a tree-house for Tony. While we were building it an adder bit me. Nothing much happened.

Hanging on one tree are a couple of bat-boxes. No bats have moved in yet (as of March 2004), but it can take a while for them to take up the offer. I think they might be the wrong shape for our bats. More bat-boxes of a different design are planned, to attract other species. I like bats, and they eat mosquitoes.

There are no grammatical errors on this page. The mistake is in the grammar books.