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Fax with no dial tone fix for Windows XP


When you try to send a fax with the Windows XP fax software, it complains that there is no dial tone. Un-checking “Wait for dial tone” in the modem options doesn’t help.


  1. Open regedit. (Press the Windows-key and ‘R’, type “regedit”, hit “OK”.). You need to be logged on as an administrator if using XP professional.
  2. Find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Fax\TAPIDevices\[device number]\Modem. There is a key like this for each modem installed in your system. You can tell which is the right one from the value of the “Device Name” string.
  3. Change the (empty) “PreDialCommand” value to “ATX3”. If it isn’t empty, try adding “X3” to the end of it.


Messing around with regedit may cause your computer to sell your immortal soul to the devil for the price of a cup-cake.