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Future visions ca. 1950

… as ‘inspired’ (if that’s the word) by a competition on B3ta.

Genius kids of the future

Bourgeois 50s living room with Mummy & Daddy; boy pointing at Einstein on the television

By the year 2000, children will learn so much from educational television programmes that they will effortlessly understand even the most complicated of scientific theories and explain them to their parents in simple terms.

Controlling teenage sexuality

Pretty girl saying: I use the new chastity pills from Merck: because I’m saving all this for Mr Right!

Future progress in medical technology will mean that by the year 2000 every girl will go to the altar with her virtue intact!

21st Century perils

The twin towers of the WTC with a mirror attached with a laser beam reflecting off it

High buildings of the future will have to be equipped with sophisticated defense systems to protect them from laser attacks from outer space.

Future pet care

Kitten looking at a television showing the young Valerie Singleton against a starry background

In the 21st century, when pet owners are away in space for long periods, they will communicate with their pets via huge television-like ‘viseo-telephones.’

Only the united efforts of the free world

Picture of Saddam Hussein with his face replaced by that of a kitten

will keep the planet safe from domination by evil dictator kittens.